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God Was Born a Woman

(Fuente: © Rodríguez, P. (1999). Dios nació mujer. Barcelona: © Ediciones B.)

Translation: Heather Hayes (E-mail:

Women and the concept of God have both been fundamental in the progress of human society, but their histories differ greatly from what we have all been told.

Present-day archaeological, historical and ethnographic knowledge indicate that prehistoric woman was not submissive to man, to the contrary: the communities of our ancestors were dependent on her triple function as procreator, organizer, and producer. Ever since we first began to evolve as hominids, up until the agricultural era, the development of the psycho-social structures and technical advances that made civilization possible were all the work of women.

And just what does "God" mean? Some 30,000 years ago, God still didn't exist, but the concept began to live and to take shape at the same time that we humans were developing logical-verbal thought; in fact, during the maturation process in children's use of language, the basic substratum of the concept of God may still be seen. In any case, archeological proof shows that the first generating/controlling "God" was conceived and recognized as a woman for more than 20,000 years, and that there was no other divinity part from the Great Goddess until, between the 6th and 3rd millennium A.C., when, owing to socioeconomic needs, the concept of a male God appeared. Surpluses produced in agriculture provoked the defeat of woman and the Goddess at the hand of males and the male God; and this submission was imposed on earth as it was in heaven.

The documented research collected in this book provides coherent answers to transcendental questions, and gives us a new way of looking at woman, man, and God.





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