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The worst examples of God (according to the Bible)

Los pésimos ejemplos de Dios (Según la Biblia)





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© Temas de Hoy, Barcelona, 2008.

 Libro "Los pésimos ejemplos de Dios (Según la Biblia)"


Very short introduction

Some basic facts on the Bible and its different versions

1. "Every word and example of the Bible has God as the author" ... And this book will be limited to reproduce what they say he said

2. Mandates legislated by God that Christianity prefers not to give out, but are still enforced in the Bible

2.1. Sixteen immoral Commandments of God

3. God rewarded cowards, cheats and thieves

3.1. Cowardice that enriches: Abraham did pass his wife Sara as his sister, giving her for the pleasure of kings and thereby gaining a fortune... And the divine punishment of many innocent

3.2. From charlatan to Patriarch: Jacob deceived his brother Esau and his father Isaac, who was blind, in order to seize the rights of primogeniture

3.3. Stealing from family is not a sin: Jacob became rich cheating his uncle and father-in-law, Labán

4. God considered righteous men those who gave their wives or daughters to be raped by the mob

4.1. Made beef of the women to save the pride of man: Lot offered his two virgin daughters to prevent the Sodomites from raping two angels

4.2. Gender-based violence against women: the Levite who, seeking to avoid being raped by the men of Guibea, handed his wife to them. She was abused to death, and the act provoked a war with thousands of dead and hundreds of sexual slaves

5. Incests to the greater glory of God's people

5.1. Lot's daughters got their father drunken, to have sex with him and become pregnant

5.2. On how God killed two sons of Judah (without giving any reason), and he ended impregnating his daughter-in-law Tamar, believing that she was a whore

5.3. Onan, killed by God for not ejaculating inside her sister-in-law when when he had sex with her

5.4. The rape of Tamar by his brother Amnón, son of David, the subsequent carnage and absolute silence of God

6. God rewarded those who were very bad parents to their children

6.1. Noah, drunk and naked, cursed a grandson and his offspring because his youngest son saw him in such a situation

6.2. The dirty envy of a mother was given divine blessing: Abraham expelled his first son from his home, the child he had with his servant Agar

6.3. The children are nothing, Abraham followed the order of God to sacrifice his son Isaac without saying a word, lying to him in order to bring him up to his own Holocaust

6.4. Jefté, judge of Israel, murdered his daughter only to meet an agreement with God

6.5. Mesa, a Moabite King who saved his country from the destruction of Israel and the fury of God, sacrificing his eldest son

6.6. God commanded: If you have a rebellious child, kill him!

7. God considered women as objects of bed and plunder, always suitable for receiving exemplary punishments

7.1. Prototypical gains of war, as mandated by God: livestock, cattle, donkeys and female virgins!

7.2. God killed Nabal to facilitate David's vengeance (without getting his hands dirty) so that he could take Nabal's wife and wealth

7.3. Forced a married woman to be his lover, killed her husband and was able to be one of the most celebrated men of the Bible. He was King David, the one chosen by God to glorify his people

7.4. God gave an alibi and an excuse for zealous men to humiliate their women and make them abort

7.5. Aaron and Miriam, Moses' siblings, murmured against him, but God only punished the woman with leprosy while he didn't touch the man

7.6. God turned to pornographic comparisons degrading women, as examples that served to recount how sinful the people of Israel and Judah were

8. God made traps, manipulated wills and played with many lives in order to achieve some of his glorious episodes

8.1. God prevented mankind from understanding each other and from working together: the villainy was perpetrated in Babel

8.2. God forced the very evil men to become more evil, in order to showcase himself to his people: the truth about a poor Pharaoh and his people, who were massacred with pests and assassinations so that God would become "famous"

8.3. Thieves of war: God defeated the Amalekites allowing Moses to trick with his magic baton

8.4. God bet the faithfulness of Job with one of his angels... A game for which he killed many innocent people and ruined and tortured every holy and patient male...

9. Betrayers and murderers for the greater glory of God and his people

9.1. They saved the whore who betrayed the city of Jericho, but all the other inhabitants were killed by knife

9.2. A man, Ehud, and two women, Yael and Judit, prototypes of the biblical targeted killing and treason perpetrated with the help of God

9.3. Jehú, traitor, murderer and bloodthirsty usurper of the throne of Israel by God's will

10. God used for his plans males who were total fools

10.1. Samson, a judge quick to anger and very short in understanding

10.2. The great Solomon: a slow thinker to whom God, after making him king, had to give him intelligence

11. God did not hesitate to kill many innocents... Even under the pretext of punishing men who only acted according to his mandates

11.1. God swept a whole people with the plague to punish King David... for having fulfilled the divine warrant without a protest!

11.2. God ordered the stoning of Achan and his family, for keeping some goods found in the remains of Jericho, a city massacred by divine order!

11.3. God sent death to a prophet who refused to give a beating to another prophet

12. God was merciless when he regulated slavery, killed hundreds of thousands, ordered the massacre of countless innocents and launched terrible curses on his flock

12.1. God likes slavery ... And carefully regulated it

12.2. God blessed and allowed two prophets with very bad tempers, Elijah and Elisha, to kill for pleasure dozens of innocents

12.3. God killed hundreds of thousands by his own hand and demanded that his people would perpetrate huge,merciless and endless killings

12.4. The curses of God to his people ... Still in force!

Tables and acronyms:

Remarkable facts in the history of Israel and Judah and a time table of the most important texts of the Old Testament

Acronyms of the biblical texts used in this book


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